Entrepreneur. Investor. Advocate.

Diane Czarkowski is one of the industry’s original cannabis entrepreneurs and has been influential in building the industry since its early stages through business development, investment, and advocacy. Fueled by a passion for helping others, Diane has carved out her place in the cannabis industry as a business owner, caregiver, and mother. She is intent on sharing her knowledge to empower young entrepreneurs and making the plant more accessible to those who need it most. 

Diane is currently a Founding Partner of Canna Advisors, one of the most trusted and respected business consultancies in cannabis. The firm has one of the strongest track records in the industry, with dozens of license acquisitions and consulting projects in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada.  


“This is not just a new industry, it’s a new kind of industry. It is rooted in advocacy, community, and diversity. If we make sure that these core values carry forward, it will have a huge impact. If all we gain at the end of our careers is having made a lot of money, we will have failed.”